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A Message From the Owner

As a successful practitioner, educator and customer of massage therapy for 33 years, it is clear to me that massage therapy, performed properly, is one of the best ways to impact your health. I have been frustrated that it has not been more recognized and used as a first line of treatment for soft tissue pain. In addition, I have been frustrated that massage therapists have not been satisfied by their careers.

To address my own concerns, I have created a new clinic model, Skilled Touch, which combines relaxation and neuromuscular therapies with best practices in business to create a superior client experience. Our goal is to create a place where therapists are supported by management. This allows therapists to provide consistent, effective treatment for body stress, pain and restricted movement.

Our prices are reasonable. We are not membership based. Appointments are available when you, the client, want to receive the therapies. There is no reason to wait for a discount, because we don’t offer them. We don’t accept tips. There are only two prices: full price and free. If the therapy doesn’t meet your expectations, just tell us. You won’t have to pay.

Clients deserve a place to call their own, a place that they can comfortably get their needs met.

Come and experience my vision, Skilled Touch. Great Therapists. Great Therapies.

Juliet Mee


Skilled Touch™

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229 E Commercial St.
Springfield, Missouri